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So all those libertarians seeking some pandering, too bad. This isn’t about you. It’s about us. Now libertarians have a choice – continue to be taken for granted and pandered to inside a Republican Party hostile to just about everything important to libertarians, or help fuel the libertarian left. Of course, they can vote big “L” Libertarian or sit elections out. But if they want to have a real effect on the political process, the two major parties are pretty much it. And, fact is, one party is moving closer to traditional libertarian principles while the other is moving away from them.In the short term, libertarians should vote Democratic simply because divided government is in everyone’s interests. A good dose of gridlock will slow Bush’s insatiable appetite for ever-growing, deficit-devouring big government. Mid-term, a Democratic trifecta (White House and Congress) would help reverse many of Bush’s worst excesses. But 10 to 15 years down the road, libertarians will hopefully have better reasons to move into the “D” column.

Kos starts of by saying “My piece wasn’t a play for the libertarian vote”, but the proceeds to dedicate the article to play for libertarian votes. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that the Dems practices of regulating everything to death in the economic world is as repugnant to us as the Reps regulating everything to death in the social world. Why can’t any of them just leave us alone?

We don’t advocate the elimination of safety-net programs or the abolition of publicly funded education or any of the more extreme manifestations of libertarianism.

We don’t think that “corporations derive their power from government,”

And here is the problem, Dems differ from us on the economic issue as much as Reps do on the social ones. Sure, with Dems you’d be free to marry whoever you choose, or be free not to hold down a job and still get a check from Big Brother, or get all your meds paid for by Medicare, but you’d also have to pay half of what you earn in taxes for the government to run its inefficent programs to do so. And I really don’t see them changing their spots 10 to 15 years down the road, and neither will we.

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