Hammer of Truth – Bill Peirce Wants to Be Your MySpace Friend
Over the past month, the Peirce for Ohio campaign has taken their netroots operation deep into the youth vote using popular social software. Plowing into the MySpace territory in a short time-span, Bill Peirce’s profile has managed to amass roughly 45 new Ohioan friends and supporters every single day since June 18th, for a recent total of 1365 friends.

I think this could be another great campaign tool, fitting side-by-side with YouTube, until the FTC get hold of it and tries to regulate both of them to death.  I’m going to wait and see how long it lasts, I say it won’t make it until November before someone tries to file a suit against one or the other of the two under McCain-Feingold.  Hat tips to the guys at Hammer of Truth, definitely one of the best libertarian sites out there.

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